Wedding Dress Shopping? Avoid these Common Mistakes

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Every bride wants to be the center of attention on her wedding day. They want to walk down the aisle feeling gorgeous, glamorous, and relaxed. However, most brides have very little experience in buying a wedding dress and this can often lead to stress, confusion, and even pre-wedding day  jitters.

When you start shopping for a wedding dress and before you even start listing the shops where you want to book an appointment, you must ensure that you learn the basics of wedding dress shopping. This guide will help you avoid making those common mistakes and ending up with a dress that is entirely different from what you had envisioned for your wedding day. Moreover, you will be able to save on cost and time by avoiding these small mistakes.

To ensure that these common blunders do not spoil your special day, Revelle has put together a list of the common mistakes brides make when shopping for a wedding dress.

1. Booking your appointment without doing research.

Before you book your appointment(s), you must have at least a vague idea of what you’re looking for. You don’t need to have the exact picture of a dress in mind, but you do need to research about which style suits your wedding ceremony and what is the look that you’re trying to create. You also need to research the shops that you’ll be visiting for the dress by checking their website before booking an appointment; checking out their social media pages (especially Instagram); and talking to people you know who may have gone to any of the shops you’re interested in. If you do not like the designer’s style or if the price ranges don’t fit within your budget, you can save precious time by shopping at another boutique instead. It’s important to prepare ahead for your appointment so you aren’t shocked when you get to the boutique only to realize there’s really nothing  you like. If all else fails, feel free to call the boutique ahead of time and ask all your questions. You’ll often get a sense of the shop’s vibes simply by talking to their experienced staff. 

2. Ordering your dress too late.

Most brides take a lot of time in finding their wedding dress, or they start searching too late and end up in a hurry when it comes to alterations. The time that your designer will need to complete your wedding dress depends upon the intricacies of your wedding dress design and their production schedule. Factors such as where the designer is located also comes in to play when determining how early you need to order your  wedding gown. To avoid paying extra rush fees for getting your dress quicker, ideally, you must give yourself at least 10 to 12 months prior to your wedding date to buy your dress and have it altered. When conducting your research on the wedding gown designers that interest you, be sure to find out how much time the designer will need to complete your dress before making the purchase. To avoid disappointment as ell as additional fees, it’s best to start your wedding dress shopping up to a year in advance.

3. Not expecting the extra fees for alterations.

When you’ve found THE dress, the bridal shop will take your measurements and order the size closest to your measurements according to the designer’s size guide. Keep in mind that it’s very rare that the gown you receive will be an exact fit and more often than not, additional alterations will be necessary to ensure you look perfect on your wedding day.  Most brides have never had to have something so important altered for such a momentous occasion, so they are unprepared for this expense so please keep in mind that alterations to your gown are always an additional cost on top of what you paid upon ordering. It’s important to factor in the average cost of alterations into your wedding dress budget so you aren’t surprised when it comes time to take your dress home. Be sure to discuss those options with the bridal boutique especially if they have an in-house seamstress otherwise ask for recommendations for an external alterations expert and get an average estimate of the cost of alterations and the time needed to complete them. This way you can be more prepared for the overall expense of your wedding dress.

4. Bringing too many guests to your appointment.

We understand that it’s a special time and that you have a lot of important people in your life that want to be there for your bridal appointment. However, as lovely as it can be to bring your entire entourage to help you select your dress, it can also be frustrating and overwhelming if you have too many people at your fittings. Too many opinions and voices can sometimes drown out the bride’s opinion. The more opinions that differ from the bride’s, the more likely she is to purchase something that pleases her group instead of herself. To ensure that you have the space to breathe and think, take only those people who understand your style and are able to give you honest opinions.

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