5 Wedding Day Zen Tips

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While “zen” may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of weddings, we do think it’s important to stay relaxed, confident and in-the-moment on your big day! With this in mind, we’ve put together some pro-tips to help you do just that :)

  1. Set your bridesmaids up to succeed! A few weeks before the wedding, create a simple, easy-to-follow document outlining the timeline for the day and share this with your bridesmaids (i.e., when you’ll be getting ready, when and where pictures are happening, all the way up to the ceremony). Then make sure your bridesmaids know that it’s their job to help you stay on schedule. This will help everyone be on the same page and keep your day running smoothly!
  2. Stay fed! Have one bridesmaid or your wedding coordinator in charge of keeping you hydrated and fed throughout the getting-ready process and during photos. You’re likely to get swept up in the moment, but if you don’t eat or drink enough you can very quickly start feeling sick or light headed, so it’s important that someone be watching out for you in this department.
  3. Consider getting ready with only a few people. When the room fills up with more than a small number of guests it can start to get very chaotic, noisy and distracting. To enjoy the process and stay in the moment, consider keeping the circle small while you get ready and simply invite others to come enjoy a glass of champagne once you and your girls are ready to go.
  4. Make a relaxing getting-ready playlist. Think Bob Marley, Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz or pretty much anything that relaxes you and isn’t too emotional (don’t start the tears too early!!!)
  5. Consider connecting with your soon-to-be hubby before the ceremony (bah humbug to bad luck!). Doing a “first look” is a great option for this. You might also consider inviting groomsmen and bridesmaids to join you for some photos and a celebratory drink before the ceremony. Doing this can help everyone get in the moment, enjoy each other’s good energy and also remove uncertainty about who is where / doing what before it’s time to get to the ceremony.
    5.a. (OK we added one more…) Remember to roll with the punches! No wedding has ever gone 100% to plan, so remember to focus on the big things and don’t sweat the small stuff (or at least get someone else to sweat it for you. You have bridesmaids for a reason!)


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